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Our Methodologies

Our unique project development methodology includes:

  • Identification and assessment of various conception design options for proposed projects. Effort is focused on exploring the technical viability of all the options available. Details like the size and cost of the major equipment, structures, total weight & cost of construction
    is usually estimated.
  • Front-end Engineering Design (FEED) where the feasibility study
    on the chosen or best option is further expanded.
  • Detailed Design, where the FEED is taken as the reference point and it is developed in detail to the extent that each piece of equipment and its location are clearly identified. This phase provides adequate information for procurement, construction, fabrication, commissioning and operation. At this phase drawings, diagrams, specifications, construction details, purchasing and test documents are provided.
  • Operation and Maintenance Stage, where project objectives/ target have been achieved, facility is commissioned, and production has commenced. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and resulting maintenance systems are developed for the running of operations.